The new Delta Mathematics text has now been published.  Together with the recently published Sigma Statistics it completes the award-winning Pearson Mathematics series for New Zealand secondary students.  
A complete solution for the Mathematics elements of Level 8 of the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum, the book covers all eight of the NCEA Level 3 Mathematics Achievement Standards.  The Statistics Achievement Standards are addressed in Sigma Statistics.


Delta Mathematics 

Includes these achievement standards:

3.1    Geometry of conic sections
3.2    Linear programming methods
3.3    Trigonometric methods
3.4    Critical path analysis
3.5    Complex numbers
3.6    Differentiation methods
3.7    Integration methods
3.15  Systems of simultaneous equations

Click on the link below for a list of new features and the Chapter outline.

What's new?  Take a look at the new features, including Critical Path analysis:

The section on Achievement Standard 3.4 provides ground-breaking and balanced coverage of a new area in secondary mathematics critical-path analysis. After an introduction (Chapter 8) that adds to the Year 12 treatment of networks (with Hamiltonian paths, maximum flow, and more on spanning trees, including Steiner points), there are two chapters (9 and 10) devoted to critical-path analysis:

  • the concept of critical paths (earliest and latest start and finish times) 
  • the backflow algorithm for determining the critical path and earliest finish time for a project
  • scheduling
  • priority lists based on both decreasing times and critical times
  • float time for tasks and idle time for processors
  • allocating tasks to a limited number of processors
  • scheduling independent tasks.

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Delta Mathematics also has an associated Workbook for students to cover extra material in their own time. This Workbook includes 93 self-contained assignments.  

The Delta Mathematics Workbook has now been published.


NEW!  The Delta Mathematics Teaching Resource completes the package.  It was published in January 2014.

The Teaching Resource is ideal for use with a datashow or interactive whiteboard because it includes pdfs of every page in both the text and workbook, with thousands of dynamic links.  Features include:

  • The Interactive Whiteboard view (IWB) so schools can use with datashows
  • Specially commissioned apps unique to the Delta package
  • All spreadsheets in both textbooks and workbooks
  • Fully worked solutions to all but the most routine questions in response to teacher request
  • Author comments with advice, tips, quirky comments.
  • Web links
  • Links between the text, workbook, answers and whiteboard view

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                    The Pearson Mathematics textbooks make up a complete seamless series for the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum. 
                    The books include worked examples, comprehensive exercises and full answers.  Each one features investigations, puzzles
                    and spreadsheet work.

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